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The role of a Governess or Governor goes back many hundreds of years and is esteemed in history. A Governess of Governor is a type of residential tutor who lives with a family. The Governess is responsible for the education and development of the children. This would involve the teaching of multiple foreign languages, maths and science, humanities and literature as well as sport and games. 

Governesses were extremely popular in Victorian England where aristocratic families who did not live near schools could give their children a first-class education. Governesses taught children to ride horses, speak French, to dance, British etiquette and many other things.

British Governesses and Governors pervaded into high society across Europe. Many Aristocratic Russian families employed Governesses and tutors for their children. In recent years, there has been increased demand for these highly talented British Governesses amongst Russian families looking to give their children the very best start.

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We are contactable 24/7, please reach out to us via email, Whatsapp or via client enquiry form.


Our Governors and Governesses are fine education professionals who can give you a tailored approach to education. Many of our clients enjoy using Governesses to supplement their school education and some even use them instead of School education.

Our Governors and Governesses are all graduates of excellent UK universities or equivalent, with a minimum of 3 years experience working with target age groups.

All of our candidates undergo through background checks as well as robust checks of character and professional qualities. 

Contact our team to arrange a consultation at your home with a placement specialist.